AWS Cloud Solutions

CCForce, LLC is a small business focused on Amazon Web Services providing consulting services to businesses on the uses of AWS. Since 2012 we have architected solutions leveraging AWS which meet all the security requirements to be a more secure solution that is often more secure than the existing on premises implementations. The difference with CCForce is we implement the architecture using a Full Stack DevSecOps agile approach until every solution is operations capable.

AWS Certified
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Big Data AWS Solutions

CCForce has the hands-on experience to securely ingest big data, process the data, audit and log data access and make the data accessible to data scientists, analysts and business professionals in the most secure method to ensure your data does not leak. CCForce makes extensive use of transient and immutable solutions that are only active based on the events that trigger the activity then disappear after the task is complete removing the possibility of unauthorized access to your Big Data. CCForce developed a repeatable method to ingest highly sensitive data from multiple external sources. The solution entails multiple levels of security which can be tailored to any security framework based on a DevSecOps agile principle. The principles ensure data is contained within the security boundary of the ingest account and only accessible via approved systems to process the data from the ingestion of the data to the business intelligence front ends.

AWS Secure Architecture Foundations

CCForce security foundations are based on our experience implementing solutions that meet the extensive controls from the NIST 800-53 standards and the HI-TRUST certification standard. While not every solution needs this level of control, the CCForce Security Foundations are the starting point for all our solutions ensuring security is in the solution from the first development artifacts to the production implementation.

Custom Application Development

CCForce has over 25 years of experience developing custom applications that meet unique business requirements. We have created applications that are stand-alone PC based, internal two-tier solutions, Internet facing three-tier sessions, and web-based multi-tiered with connections to multiple backend data sources. We leverage this experience along with Big Data processing to develop custom solutions using DevOps Agile techniques to make your data actionable intelligence. We fully understand that your business is not IT and the applications are business enablers that happen to have an IT component. We architect, develop, implement and support custom application throughout the entire life cycle.

About CCForce

CCForce has been in the consulting business since 1995 when the company was founded in Atlanta, GA then relocated to the Northern Virginia area in 2004 to focus on federal government contracts and advanced technical solutions for complex business requirements which others hesitated to solve. We are now a remote DevSecOps company that can work on any solution anywhere in the world. Since 2012, our primary business has been focused on AWS that has evolved into a complete DevSecOps team to take your Big Data from idea to product as quickly and securely as possible.

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