AWS Cloud Solutions

CCForce, LLC is a Consulting Partner with Amazon Web Services providing consulting services to business and federal agencies on the uses of AWS. Since 2013 we have architected solutions leveraging AWS that meet all the security requirements to be a more secure solution that often the existing implementations. The difference with CCForce is we implement the designs we create and support the operation of the design during the transition to the existing operations and maintenance teams.

AWS Solution Architect Associate AWS Solution Architect Professional

AWS Federal Cloud Solutions

Another aspect of CCForce is our experience in solutions for Federal Agencies and our complete understanding of the NIST 800-53 controls and FedRAMP controls to design, implement and operate compliant solutions that meet or exceed the security controls.

Custom Application Development

CCForce has over 25 years of experience developing applications that meet the unique business requirements of the custom solution. We have created applications that were stand-alone PC based, internal two tier fat client based, three tier session based, web based multi-tiered using just about every backend database known. We fully understand that your business is not IT and that the custom applications are really business applications that happen to have an IT component to the solution. We design, develop, test, implement and support our custom application throughout the entire life cycle and provide upgrades as requested and necessary.

Java ⬝ Javascript ⬝ Spring ⬝ REST ⬝ HTML5 ⬝ AngularJS ⬝ PHP ⬝ .NET

Technical Proposal Solution Architects

CCForce has over 10 years of combined experience in Solution Proposal development. We primarily are the technical solution architects providing the detailed technical solution to the provided Scope of Work, Statement of Objectives or Task Order. CCForce has provided proposal assistance from the Task Order effort in the sub $1M range to complex and enterprise wide solutions in the $150M+ annual or $500M+ range.

About CCForce

CCForce has been in the consulting business since 1995 when the company was founded in Atlanta, GA as Integrated Solutions Group. The company relocated to the Northern Virginia area in 2004 with the focus on being on federal government contracts and advanced technical solutions to difficult business requirements others hesitated to solve. Since 2012 our primary business has been with advanced cloud solutions and providing Amazon Web Service Cloud Solutions often with the implementation of custom applications derived from our Technical Proposal skills and Solution Proposal experiences.

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